POTS: Helpless and Frustrated

I hate the word “helpless” and the feeling even more.

This is another “sick” week, not from POTS itself, but some uninvited virus has settled in for a stay and just doesn’t want to leave.  It makes everything harder.  It makes my girl miserable.  And though she’s 17, moments like this, she looks up at me with the saddest face and she’s my little girl again, helpless and hurting and there’s nothing I can really do, but hug her and pray her through yet another week of the crud.

Fortunately, we haven’t had too many “bugs” to content with lately, but when they move in, it takes so much longer to evict them.  They linger and drain her of energy.  She hurts and nothing helps.

Hydration and warmth.  Gargling and Vitamin C.  I scurry around and pull all of the typical mother tricks out of my hat knowing that this bug has moved into an atypical house and it could be a while.

Ugh.  Yes.  I’m complaining.  I just want my girl to be healthy and happy.

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