POTS: Emergency Preparedness For POTS

I remember moving to Maryland just days before a hurricane knocked out power for days.  No power = no water.  Of course, then we’d planned.  We’d filled bathtubs and water bottles and buckets.  We did the best we could, but then, there wasn’t a Potsie in the family and you can’t always plan because you don’t always know when that next storm is going to hit.

I just read a status of a POTS patient who’s town was hit by a storm and a water advisory was in affect and it dawned on me – they’re actually rationing water.  Water.  Our POTS kids need it and lots of it.  If there’s a storm, that water is just as important as their meds, so I started thinking.  Are we prepared?  Yes we have water bottles, but do we have enough to support the 120 ounces/day that she drinks?

So I made a list.  Just like our vacation list, here’s yet another checklist to keep because no electricity = no air conditioning either.  No water and hot temperatures and my Potsie’s going to crash.  Time to stock up just a little extra.

Our Just for POTS Emergency Kit

  • 28 liters of water (extra just for my girl – one week’s worth)
  • 1 bottle of Thermotabs

It isn’t a long list.  We already have food rations, first aid kits, and other emergency preparedness items that would help our entire family.  She’ll have her meds.  I have her medical records and medication lists handy, but just those two things will make a huge difference… in case of…

What does your Potsie need?  Is there something that would become critical if electricity were turned off and water was rationed?

Powdered Gatoraid, cooling packs, special salty snacks?  What’s on your list?


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