POTS: Four Days Later (and no falling shoes)

There’s no fanfare or momentous bouts of joy.  Though I think joy is there, this new freedom has come as quietly as it left.  The dizziness of POTS is nearly gone, we hope, for good.

Though we feel so blessed to see that she’s finally found something that works, the house is eerily quiet and my daughter has come into this joyous new chapter with calm and grace, floating into it as if she never left it.  Her calm keeps me calm.  I have moments when I want to climb up on the roof that she’s walking.  I want to run and shout and tell the world.  But most of the world doesn’t know.  People don’t know about POTS and even most of those that know us really don’t know what she’s gone through.

POTS isn’t over.  There still isn’t a cure and she still has symptoms, but this was the big one.  Keeping dizziness at bay is huge.  May be that’s why she isn’t skipping and throwing a party.  She knows it isn’t over completely.

There’s a day to day rhythm here… nothing new except that the walker now has a duffel thrown casually over it and she’s not touching walls.  She walks around the house, finding projects to keep her busy. She doesn’t want to sit anymore.  Now that she doesn’t have to, her energy is a little better and she wants to move.

Today she learned how to sew and is tackling a t-shirt project that’s been sitting for years.




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2 Responses to “POTS: Four Days Later (and no falling shoes)”

  1. Mat May 22, 2013 9:21 pm #

    Step by step, fantastic news, really pleased for you both x

    • Tiffany May 22, 2013 9:36 pm #

      Aw. Thank you so much! We are extremely happy. It’s amazing how much life changes when you get your balance back.

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